Happy Holidays

I haven’t posted much recently, I should probably drop “daily”from the title, but I’ve not gone away and want to wish you happy holidays.


Mobile Library

Alright, no.  The Selby Library downtown is not mobile, there is a large mobile hanging in it.  Very large in fact, this is just one of eight parts, I haven’t seen a way to take a photo that really does the whole work justice so I thought I’d zoom in on one piece.  The quality even of that isn’t the best but my camera does have limited capabilities and I don’t want to be taking flash photos in a library!

Cool Park Lights

I had been thinking of taking a shot of the lights at Five Points park for some time, and as Jan observes on my sister Sarasota Daily Photo blog they are not just holiday lights, they are on all year, still this seemed a good time to post them.  Jan also noted that they are not just one color they transition from one color to another.  I wanted to try and capture that a bit, so I got my tripod out and set it up.

You well never actually see the lights at Five Points Park like this, they all change color at the same time and they transition very smoothly morphing from one color to the next.  So this is actually four photos that I cropped and layered to show a bit of the change.

Living Wall

Walking around the Burns Court area I noticed this wall, well trellis actually.  It’s the front entrance for Landscape Architect Dane Spencer and it’s all made up of pots of cactus. Very unusual, interesting, and sunning.

City Daily Photo Theme Day – Action Shot

This month, as always the City Daily Photo Community selected it’s theme day by a democratic process, we voted on it. The vote was for Action Shot, so I thought I’d post a photo of another very important action for democracy, protesting.

Here is a small group of people from Occupy Sarasota protesting at the Five Points Round About, actually it’s probably less than half as the others are on the inside of the round about.  While Occupy Sarasota has over 5000 fans on Facebook, I am one, it seems to be a very small group that actually comes out to protest, I think largely because this is a community that seems to cater very well to the 1%.

For myself while I am not out there protesting with them, I am taking other actions such as moving my money from one of the big Wall Street banks to a local community bank or credit union, shopping when I can in locally owned stores rather than Wall Street traded big box stores, I am starting a business to advance green energy which is more sustainable, will help free us from oil and coal, plus create American jobs, etc., plus I am sharing online items in support of the Occupy Movement, such as this post today.  I hope others will do the same.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants in this months City Daily Photo Theme Day.

Park View

I really enjoy this view from among the trees at the bay front park.  Pleasant is an understatement.

Season Of Sculpture 2

In my previous post on the Sarasota Season of Sculpture I mentioned that I didn’t really like or hate any of the work this year with one exception that I hadn’t photographed yet.  This is that exception, it is called Complexus by John Henry, I feel it is hands down the best piece in this years show.

It is not really near the others,  nor should it be with it’s large scale, it sits in a grassy area next to an office tower which really shows it off very well.  In fact I was wondering how to best show it myself, and I will likely share more photos of it, but for this post I decided to share an up close abstract of this abstract piece from the base looking straight up.  Note, my camera is not on the ground looking up, I am 6 foot 2 standing inside looking up, this is a big piece!

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